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About Mobile Development

Multi-platform mobile app development services. We can offer solutions for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Nowadays, looking at the progress of technology and how people are using it, we will realize that it is important for everybody to have a smartphone. People are using their mobile devices to book an appointment, buy their grocery shopping, order their medication, Reporting and Analytics Services, etc.

All the above are possible thank to the mobile developers who are responsible to create applications that will make everyday tasks simple and quicker. There are also cases where there is need of an application that will meet specific expectations and that will target only specific audience. 

mobile development
Mobile Development

Mobile Development Programming Languages

There are many programming languages that can be used to create a mobile application. That also depends fro the compatibility of the device you are looking to achieve. For example if the application is going to be used by Android or iPhone user then the application will be developed using a particular programming language that is only suitable for IOS or Android mobile operating systems. Of course in most cases mobile applications appears in both operating systems so that they can target the larger amount of users.

Technical Details

.NET (Xamarin)
PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
PhoneGap – multi platform
Native Android – Android Studio
Native iOS - Xcode, Objective-C
swift 3.0