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What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based software that released in 2001 and has been part of Microsoft suite. Office 365 contain a wide range of tools and software. Examples of the software that are included are Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, OneNote, etc.). Based on the package you purchased, you also receive some extra software that are mainly based on the communication (Skype, Yammer) and other organisation tools.

There are various packages to choose based on the software you are looking to have and the amount of users you are looking to provide the specific software. .

What are the main advantages of Office 365?

1) Remote Working

An important functionality that Office 365 provide to user is the ability to work while being away from your desk. Being just connected to the internet you have access to all your documents which you can also manage. All the files can be access from cloud which means that you can use any device that has access to internet, to be able to view and edit the files.

2) Secure and Reliable

Nowadays, having various files and data online make them more approachable to hackers who are looking to steal data. Using Office 365 makes thinks easier since it provides the following:

  • Encryption protection for emails
  • Mobile device management
  • Data loss prevention
  • Thread analytics

3) Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is very beneficial part especially while working in team projects and more than one person is working on the same document. People can interact with the same documents at the same time and making changes at the same time while they are getting the live changes of all the other users. The process helps in having a main document for all members instead of having same document for each member with different changes in them.

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